Gait Analysis/Gait Training/ Orthotic Fitting


Good health is achieved much in part through optimal body movement and gait. Conversely, pain arises when dysfunctional movement is present. Dysfunctional movement, therefore, becomes a barrier to enjoying life and optimal health. Understanding this, we believe a person’s gait (the way we walk), and functional movement are a “window” to the health of that person.

Many of the physical problems or chronic pain issues a patient may have can originate from a faulty or abnormal gait pattern. Consider this: On average a human takes anywhere from 3 thousand to greater than 10 thousand steps per day. That’s a lot of impact the spine and joints must absorb! Now imagine if all of those impactful steps are occurring at a joint that is out of alignment or “over stressed” because of a simple postural fault or faulty pattern. This joint will eventually wear out/become unstable and unable to perform the function it was intended. This will lead to abnormal stress on adjacent muscles/tendons, etc… as they try to compensate for  that unstable joint. This creates chronic pain syndromes that are often far away from the source of dysfunction, and as a result are often improperly diagnosed.

We analyze our patient’s gait pattern and then give detailed feedback to correct/optimize the faulty pattern or dysfunction through one-on-one verbal feedback as well as visual feedback on a giant video screen. This allows the therapist and patient to better recognize, identify, and learn where their gait pattern faults exist and how to correct them!

Why are we
 the best choice?

Our clinicians at Legacy Therapy and Wellness are trained to spot gait pattern deficits or “faults” during the patient’s initial evaluation. We emphasize educating the patient from day one regarding their gait pattern, and then provide meaningful hands-on correction as well as demonstration feedback to help the patient achieve their goal of a pain-free lifestyle.

The Legacy Therapy Experience

A person is the sum of their “well functioning” parts, not just a body part. Patients/clients of Legacy Therapy and Wellness are treated as a whole person and not simply a “body part” (i.e. only focusing on the injured part such as the knee, shoulder, etc…). We strive to determine and treat the source of pain and not just the pain itself.  This approach leads to more lasting functional outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy Therapy and Wellness is the parent company and our Dothan location is currently one of 3 in the Southeast. We also operate as Therapy Plus in Ozark, AL and as Advance Therapy and Performance in Enterprise, AL.

We guarantee you will be evaluated with care and precision and receive evidence-based treatment. Outcomes sometimes depend on multiple factors out of our or the patient’s control. We strive on evaluation to make sure a patient’s goals are in line with their potential for success.

All therapists are licensed and some have certifications in specialized areas. 

We take all major medical insurance. You will be advised of you benefits on your first day at any of our Legacy locations.