About Us

Welcome to Legacy Therapy & Wellness, where we’re dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their functional movement and wellness goals to lead fulfilling lives. Proudly serving the Wiregrass region, encompassing Dothan, Enterprise, and Ozark in southeastern Alabama, we offer premier therapy and performance services. In fact, Legacy Therapy features South Alabama’s first and long standing High Speed Video Gait Analysis & Movement Lab for over 10 years now – serving clients on a regional basis.  Our devoted team of therapists, exercise physiology specialists, certified trainers provide a solid and most experienced team to deliver personalized care and innovative solutions to help you unlock your full potential.

At Legacy Therapy & Wellness, we offer a diverse range of therapy services tailored to various needs, including physical therapy, Certified Hand Therapist care, speech therapy, and more. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or striving to enhance your performance, our experienced therapists are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

Who and what are we living and working for during our life?  Our “legacy” is what we leave behind for those we love and support.  This view of “legacy” is not that of wealth or a monetary gift concept, but the gift of memories shared, and the examples of love, family, friendship, and service to others.   How well we achieve our “legacy” for others is directly related to our dedication to personal health, our physical mobility and muscle function, our internal and spiritual strength, our work, our ability to team with others, and our ability to meet life’s challenges.  This “Legacy” view is the basis of our practice with each person we serve as a physical therapy patient, or a wellness client.

As a Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group patient, our overall objective is to help you move and function better – to help you build your legacy.  You receive benefits in areas of efficient functional movement, future serious injury/disease prevention, active aging ability, and whole person health.  You will have the opportunity to improve your posture, movement, strength and gait patterns, and to improve the ability to meet challenges important to you, your family, and your legacy.  Once your physical therapy goals are met, we will help you establish a research-based wellness and fitness plan that meets your goals, your personal physician’s medical goals, and helps keep you on track year after year!

This “Legacy” view is also the basis of our philosophy with each person we serve as an employee or potential employee.   With prospective employees, we meet to review the opportunities that will fit you as an individual with professional training/certification tracks, employee/family benefits, and the new Legacy-sponsored wellness support services we are already expanding for our employees. We take seriously, consider honestly and prayerfully the best ways to match your individual goals with our company services, and work to individually plan opportunities for your time line vs. career path.  We provide unique-to-our-therapy industry added benefits with our expanding Legacy team member recognition system, along with wellness benefits good for your health and that of your family.

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