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     Gait Analysis Program

    When you choose Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, you receive comprehensive Physical Therapist Evaluation and initial Gait Analysis.  Your comprehensive evaluation is by a licensed Physical Therapist who has advanced training in this Gait Analysis specialty, and who has worked in this field of gait and running analysis for over 25 years.   Our Advanced Gait Analysis Program includes a complete biomechanical assessment of the trunk and lower body, a functional movement assessment, and gait analysis – level surfaces, barefoot, athletic shoes, and work shoes if you are on your feet in these shoes daily!  We do utilize treadmill for some gait analysis vs. speed, but from a qualitative standpoint, we conduct gait analysis on the surfaces that match your lifestyle.  Our Advanced Gait Analysis program includes instruction and training on ideal walking/running mechanics, posture and cadence with a personalized exercise program to begin at home.


    Who would benefit

    • Youth or adults who have knee pain of patellofemoral type (kneecap/anterior knee pain) with daily activity, sport or fitness
    • An active walker or runner with leg, hip or low back pain/tone with walking or running
    • Anyone with abnormal tone, a noticed an ongoing feeling of weakness or lack of “power/push” from one leg
    • Kids, youth, or adults who notice one foot/ankle “turns in” (pronates excessively), or “rolls out” (supinates excessively) and who seeks to reduce risk of abnormal joint wear in joints of knees, hips
    • Anyone experiencing back pain that has been ongoing and is having difficulty walking well or walking functional distances
    • Athletes or active adults who seek to identify abnormal patterns of gait or movement, to improve your gait pattern quality, speed, and athletic performance
    • Runners who want to improve their efficiency and decrease their injury risk.


    What to Expect

    The comprehensive Gait Analysis evaluation starts with a thorough history. We want to understand the problem from your point of view. Next is a comprehensive assessment of the lower body to determine how the foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine all connect. Finally, we will analyze your gait from multiple angles while walking and running.  Be sure to bring shorts, running/walking shoes and any orthotics you have been prescribed. Once the exam is complete, a physical therapist will review your gait pattern findings with you and perform an instructional session of your gait and walking/running mechanics. A home exercise program will be given based on the findings from the analysis. For those with significant foot/ankle posture barriers to normal gait, custom fit orthotics may be recommended and can be provided by your Physical Therapist as well.  Follow-up assessment, training, re-checks can be established to be sure you achieve optimal results that last!