• Legacy Practice Overview

  • Practice History & Service Approach


    Practice History:  

    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, Inc. is a Physical Therapist owned company, based out of Dothan, Alabama.  Both from Dothan, Mark Mashburn and Danny Peters are the two Physical Therapists who established the company in 2003, and continue to independently own and operate the growing practice.   Now Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, our organization provides clinical and customer service excellence to patients in our private Physical Therapy clinics (Advance Therapy Center – Dothan, and Advance Therapy Center – Enterprise), as well as through our longest standing contracted hospital client – Dale Medical Center.  At Dale Medical Center, we provide multi-disciplinary therapy and wellness services for the hospital in-patient setting, Dale Medical Home Health, and the hospital outpatient center – Therapy-Plus. 

    The Therapy and Wellness Group offers therapy contract and wellness/prevention services to these settings:   community hospital, civic/government, home health agency, employer, senior/retiree group, church, school, athlete group/team, and other community settings.

    Service Approach:

    Quality Care – One Patient at a Time:  Our Physical Therapy clinics and service locations specialize in evidence-based types of movement and manual physical therapy to meet the highest standards of care.  Our therapy model emphasizes individualized, high quality sessions, and hands-on care provided to each person -- one patient at a time.

    Life-Span Movement Specialists:  Normal posture, functional movement, and walking patterns begin to develop in the infant to toddler stage of life.  This development usually progresses through the life-span to “normal” youth, adult and then senior/aging years.  Our therapists care for patients at any point along the life-span to recognize and help correct abnormalities of movement, posture, muscle tone, walking patterns, or even a person’s lack of sensory awareness of their posture, balance, or movement. 

    Manual & Neuro-Muscular Facilitation:  Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group clinicians utilize advanced manual and neuro-muscular facilitation methods.  This approach to physical therapy is highly effective for the identification and correction of abnormal movement, muscle function, neuro-motor patterns, posture, gait, balance, daily functional activities, and sports specific function.   

    Comprehensive, Whole Person Care:  Each patient’s walking pattern and speed, balance, agility are all assessed and problems identified, listed, and solutions established for each type of problem.  The involved joint, body area are examined, treated, as well as the joint above and below the involved joint and all aspects of restoring normal movement and function.  Advanced hands-on therapy techniques are used to restore more normal joint mobility, nerve patterns to the muscles, soft tissue mobility, and functional movement patterns.

    Conditions Treated:  We utilize specialized methods for these conditions:  orthopedics, spine/postural, Senior citizen/active aging, pediatric/youth and sports medicine, gait/balance disorders, neurological and neuro-degenerative conditions, Home Health, industrial, and Senior/aging.

    Patient, Family & Caregiver Education: Patients, included family, and caregivers are provided condition-specific, personalized education in self-care knowledge, posture, joint protection, daily home activities, exercise and specialized movement training.

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