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    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group provide innovative cost-saving and wellness solutions for employers. We offer pre-employment, injury prevention, work injury services and wellness services.  An ongoing challenge to employers is controlling the cost, liability, and loss of production associated with workplace injuries. Legacy Therapy offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate injury prevention and maintain a healthy workplace while offering a significant return on your investment. 

    We are dedicated to excellence in work injury prevention, case management, employee wellness, and onsite injury management.  Our Legacy Therapy team offers the area’s most experienced and diversely trained/certified physical therapist clinicians in the specialized field of injury prevention, ergonomics, and worksite physical therapy/exercise and employee training.  Our clinicians have conducted hundreds of FCEs, and remain active certified functional capacity evaluators, and are available through injured worker therapy networks -- rated at the highest levels of service.

    Key Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group Work Injury Services Prevention & Injured Worker Services:

    • Employment Physical Agility Testing
    • Functional Capacity Evaluation
    • Worksite Injury Risk Analysis
    • Job Demand Analysis
    • Employee Exercise/Stretching Program – Customized per Employer Site
    • Annual Employee Wellness Screenings/Assessment Programs
    • Employer Fitness Center Consultation/Design and Staffing
    • Injured Worker Physical Therapy
    • Impairment Evaluation
    • Modified Work Duty Consultation/Match to Productive Job Duties


    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group expands with New Employer Service:

    WorkSTEPS has been carefully researched and selected in 2015 as an additional service offering by Legacy Therapy & Wellness to be south Alabama’ premier provider for work injury prevention and the area service provider of the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing.   Through WorkSteps employment testing, employers save $30 for every $1 invested. 

    Now, with the experience and training, combined with WorkSTEPS programming and quality standards for nationwide companies, the Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group is positioned to provide the best injury prevention and wellness care possible for your employees here in Alabama! 


    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group Solutions for Existing Workers

    The following WorkSTEPS tests are available through Legacy Therapy, and are designed for existing employees:


    This non-medical agility testing may be used preventatively and may be administered periodically to ensure that existing employees continue to be able to meet the physical demand criteria necessary to safely perform the essential functions of the job. Employers may request this type of agility testing for all employees in a particular job class as part of their periodic monitoring to ensure that employees remain capable of performing physically demanding job tasks. This test is periodically administered on employees in positions affecting public safety, such as firefighters and police officers, or as a re-certification requirement.


    The Upper Quadrant/Carpel Tunnel Testing is used to determine capability relative to repetitive job function, rather than heavy material handling tasks. This test may be used independently, as part of the comprehensive Pre-Employment Post-Offer Employment testing, or as a component to the Injured Worker Fit-for-Duty test if necessary.

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    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group Solutions for Injured Workers

    The following tests are available through Legacy Therapy, and are designed for employees who have been injured on the job:


    A Fit-for-Duty evaluation is administered to a current employee post-injury through an injury management program. A Fit-for-Duty Evaluation is a functional capacity test that focuses only on the injured part of the body used in a job specific task, rather than a comprehensive exam. In compliance with EEOC mandates, a medical examination of a current employee may be given only when it is “job-related and consistent with business necessity”.


    The FCE is a full body comprehensive medical test used to measure an employee’s functional capacity and assist in injury management, whether the injury was sustained while at work or existed previously. The FCE test may be used alone to document existing impairments or may be used in combination with the Post-Offer Comprehensive test as a comparison against original, baseline data.

    One FCE should be given at the time of injury to determine severity and legitimacy for optimum injury management. Another FCE should be administered during rehabilitation to determine progress, and one functional capacity evaluation should be conducted post-rehabilitation to determine the employee’s ability to return to his or her job.

    At the time of injury, when compared against data previously collected, the FCE may be used to prove consistency and validity of performance and create realistic, objective rehabilitation goals, return to work recommendations, or work conditioning programs to capitalize on injury management procedures. This information is invaluable to objectively move the patient through the system in a fair and timely manner.

    For more information regarding the medically-safe, legally complaint, cost-saving services for employers in areas of Injury Prevention, Injury Cost Reduction, and Employee Wellness, please contact us today at: (334) 699-2348.