• Why Gait Analysis Is So Important in Competitive Sports

  • Why Gait Analysis Is So Important in Competitive Sports (Such As Golf)

    Few people realize or understand why gait analysis is so important in competitive sports. Whether you enjoy running, golfing, tennis, or any number of other athletic events, you’re sure to feel that fitness is an important part of your lifestyle. Staying physically fit can improve every aspect of your game, and being healthy involves more than simply working out regularly. Eating well, using correct form, and having fun are all equally important aspects of being a healthy athlete, but there is more you can do to stay on top of your game. Legacy Therapy & Wellness can help you evaluate your current fitness status. We will also take the time to explain our analysis after which you will understand why gait analysis is so important in competitive sports.

    What Is Gait Analysis?

    The gait you use is the pattern of movement that happens when you walk, run, and everything in between. Different people have different gaits, as you likely have noticed throughout the course of your life. Differences in gait can be negligible, but each person has a perfect balance they should strive to achieve with their own gait. Gait affects so many things in your life, in your activity, and this is why gait analysis is so important in competitive sports.  A gait analysis is a method of determining potential problems and issues with your form. A professional can examine your gait to look for places of potential injury or areas wherein your performance could be improved. When you get a gait analysis done by a trained professional, they will pay attention to your whole body. The way it moves and distributes weight, the way your arms and head are positioned, and every other crucial aspect are all readily observed by the well-trained eye.

    How A Professional Gait Analysis Can Improve Your Competitive Edge

    With a group of highly trained professionals like those at Legacy Therapy & Wellness, you know your analysis will be spot on. But, how does this analysis actually help you with your physical fitness? Can getting a gait analysis truly improve your athleticism? The answer, of course, is yes, because gait analysis enables you to see precisely how your body is moving. The pattern of movement your body naturally uses has been embedded deeply into your muscle memory, and it comes directly from your habits, lifestyle, and genetic predilections. You can dramatically improve everything from your golf swing to your pedal stroke when you examine the compensations your muscles are making. Even non-extreme compensations can lead to injury, but mostly they just result in inefficiency. When you know exactly where you need to improve, you can make a conscious effort to change those patterns.


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