• What to Expect

  • Your first Legacy Therapy and Wellness Group appointment will include a comprehensive evaluation by your licensed  Physical Therapist. Your evaluation will include a review of:  your current health/movement problem, your pain/symptoms vs. daily activities, your past medical history, your current medications list, the goals of your treating physician(s), any physician/health precautions, your goals with Physical Therapy, and your basic wellness/fitness practices.   Then, your Physical Therapist will evaluate your posture, your movements, your walking/mobility patterns, involved body area muscle tone, neurological function, and take specialized  measurements of your joint mobility, strength, and key functional movements.  This information will help your Physical Therapist develop an individualized treatment plan with you.

    Your evaluation appointment typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, depending on how many areas of injury/restricted mobility you may have, your level of pain/injury, and how many health conditions you may have.  Follow-up sessions are usually about 60 minutes. Shorter sessions can be arranged on request.

    Patients who are unable to drive, have functional need for a family member with you, please notify our receptionist as you schedule your evaluation visit. 

    For your first appointment, you should:

      • Try to download our New Patient Forms and bring your completed forms with you to your first appointment
      • Arrive 15 - 20 minutes early to fill out a questionnaire about your condition
      • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, shoes you can easily move/exercise in
      • Wear loose-fitting shorts if therapy involves your legs

    Please bring with you:

      • Your doctor's P. Therapy prescription and any notes/reports from your doctor
      • Any reading glasses or someone to assist you if you are having difficulty reading
      • Your insurance cards or workers' compensation case information
      • Your x-rays or other test results that you may have
      • A list of all Medications that you are currently taking
      • Braces or prostheses (if applicable)

    For follow-up appointments, you should:

      • Arrive 5 minutes early to sign in and pay any co-payment
      • Wear loose-fitting exercise clothes and athletic footwear
      • Bring along any questions you may have about your treatment, your progress, or goals for advancing your movements/exercise