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    How well each of us “live a full life” is directly related to our dedication to our personal health, our occupation, our ability to team with others, and our ability to meet life’s challenges.  This brings to mind terms such as “Wellness”, “Wellbeing” or “Quality of Life” according to the perspective of the individual, the healthcare provider, wellness professional, or health educator.

    Wellness in our Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group practice model is first welcoming – in that we promote kindness, patience, respect and positive support for all persons we serve.  We progress to appropriate evaluation, testing, education, training, and training sessions, and a plan right for you.

    Wellness entry at Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group takes place:

    • Post- Physical Therapy
    • Healthy Client Self-Referral
    • Physician Referral for Healthy, or specific disease focus, e.g. Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity
    • Annual Wellness Assessment
    • Referral from community organization for special population
    • Wellness programs provided by Legacy Therapy professionals for your area Group or Organization (employer, church,  Senior group, etc.)

    At Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, we provide a Comprehensive Wellness approach that begins with the assessment of your level of wellness/fitness knowledge, exercise skills, fitness level, physical exam, health conditions/medical history, past exercise/training experiences, BMI, vital signs, lifestyle/fitness goals, your personal physician’s goals, and more.  Your plan addresses your individual needs with:  exercise foundations, postural function, core/pelvic girdle control, spinal segmental mobility, motor control, alignment and stability, and diaphragmatic breathing.  

    Legacy Therapy & Wellness utilizes our own copyrighted “Seven Functional Mobility Levels”, and our “Seven Wellbeing Dimensions” in order to meet your needs from a whole person perspective and to utilize evidence-based outcome tools for each of the Seven Wellness categories.

    Using the above views, we apply science and evidence-based methods to provide fully inclusive services – welcoming and serving all people, from all walks of life, and all backgrounds.   Many of our staff and affiliated physicians and organizations approach our patient care and service mission from the perspective of Christian principles so that we are caring and supportive of each patient as a “whole person”.  We understand each patient is not “a knee”, a “back patient”, a “senior with dementia” signs, but a person with a family and community relationships.  

    Youth Wellness/Fitness:  For our youth clients and athletes, we help prevent injury and future disability, and help them learn fully about their specific body type, their individual movement patterns, and how to be most healthy in their lifestyle. 

    Senior Adult Wellness:  For our senior adults, we seek to help you to “fight the good fight” and gain the movement, function, and vitality again to meet life’s challenges…to “finish the race” of life well. 


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