• Testimonials

  • You all have helped me so much.  Not only have you helped me move better again, but your education and training is great.  You helped me to understand my body, posture, and how everything is connected.  I wish I could have known about you many years ago, and I could have prevented so many of my problems!
    Mrs. E. Reese
    Advance Therapy - Dothan is the first therapy clinic that has actually helped me and has explained what is wrong, what they are doing, and rectified my problems.  …very knowledgeable and they use up to date techniques.
    S. Kelly
    Therapy at Advance Therapy Center is not like therapy I’ve had at other places.  It is truly ADVANCED! It is personal and cutting edge!
    J. Steever
    I liked how I was welcomed in and how I was treated.  I liked how well the therapists explained what they were doing and how I was progressing.
    Mary R.
    Your staff is fabulous!  You treat me as a whole person, not just helping my foot or back.  You make me feel important.  You keep me going!
    Mrs. J. Burton
    All employees at Therapy are very courteous. We love coming here!
    Very happy, wonderful people to work with.
    Client 2
    Everyone has been great to me! After 2 visits, I already see results!
    Client 3
    This is a great group of professionals.
    Client 4
    Very personable staff, very helpful and hands-on.
    Client 5
    Staff were so friendly and helped me work through my problems. I liked the unique way they work as a team, and how they listen and are really concerned.
    Client 6