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    Sports Performance Dothan, AL

    Athletes of All Ages:   Helping You Meet Life’s Challenges

    We are dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and ability levels return quickly and safely to their sport or active lifestyle and improve sports performance. Our Movement Training and Athlete Training programs are tailored to your unique body, and your specific needs and goals.

    Components include: gait analysis, movement analysis, sports specific kinetic & pattern training, the latest research-based customized plans for training and conditioning for optimum sports performance.

    We teach you how to train smarter, not harder – by first learning about any identified postural or movement imbalances you may have.  You will learn how to most efficiently improve your postural, joint, muscle “firing” patterns, power, speed, visual-motor function, and functional movements key to your athletic and sports performance. Many of our post-injury patients get back to performing better than ever!  Healthy athletes also receive these benefits and learn injury prevention, and specialized athletic and sports performance movement training to last a lifetime.