• Pregnancy Physical Therapy and Post Partum Physical Therapy Dothan, AL

  • Pregnancy Physical Therapy and Post Partum Physical Therapy

    You do not need to live with the back, pelvic, sacral/SI joint, hip, rib, or neck pain that can occur during pregnancy. The Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group's effective pregnancy physical therapy approach of manual P.T., exercise and functional movement awareness and training can identify and correct movement dysfunction and pain during pregnancy.  We also provide you with effective pregnancy posture supports, and Kinesio-taping methods effective for pregnancy-related postural weakness.  This can help not only to reduce pain but maintain a higher level of physical activity during pregnancy.  

    After birth, a number of problems can arise in the pelvic bowl and/or abdomen. There can be various prolapses accompanied by a feeling of "falling out" or leakage; vaginal/rectal pain from long labor, tearing or scarring; and weak abdominal/low back pain from a separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti).

    We use a variety of postpartum physical therapy, exercise, and posture techniques to restore your normal posture, pelvic floor, and lumbopelvic muscle function and muscle tone.  We help you alleviate discomforts and improve your strength as you care for your baby.  We also establish an individualized evidence-based exercise and new mom postpartum physical therapy fitness program to help you and your physician meet your wellness goals.