• Physical Therapy Dothan, AL

  • Physical Therapy Dothan, AL

    The Therapy & Wellness Group clinics and staff provide the highest quality physical therapy and the latest evidence-based treatment for: movement impairment, back and neck pain, musculoskeletal injury, joint/orthopedic post-operative problems, stroke and neuro./motor control conditions, balance/falls and BPPV/Vestibular conditions, and more.  We help patients and your physicians identify the often un-detected underlying postural and biomechanical imbalances.   We identify and eliminate barriers to normal movement, walking, and daily living functions.  Our physical therapists have many years of experience and advanced training in the subspecialty of Manual Physical Therapy and take a both a mechanical/joint and “neural system”, holistic multi-joint approach to the examination and treatment of complex spine, joint, soft tissue impairment and faulty movement problems.  

    Our Physical Therapy will help you identify and correct abnormal posture, restrictions of joint movement, abnormal neuro-muscular tone and patterns, gait and balance problems, muscle weakness or faulty muscle “firing” patterns, and daily function skills.   

    Our licensed physical therapists use manual and facilitation methods to help you with: targeted, specialized strength and movement training, gait/balance training, taping, joint protection, bracing and orthotic fitting, and education.  Our clinicians reduce muscle spasm, a type of muscle weakness called “neural inhibition”, and abnormal “protective muscle tone” which can be an overlooked source of persistent pain or fatigue. These types of treatment help many people and their physician to achieve higher levels of long-term physical functioning, reduced chronic disease, and to taper the ongoing use of pain meds, injections, or even over the counter anti-inflammatory meds.   

    We help you with the recovery of your healthy posture, balance, self-management skills, strength and mobility -- so you can return to safe and productive home, work, community functions, as well as travel, fitness, sports – back to living a full life!  

    The overall goal of physical therapy is the recovery of healthy posture, balance, self-management skills, strength and mobility so you can return to safe and productive home and community level function.