• Physical Therapists’ Kinesio Tape (KT) Effective for Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Kinesio Tape of various stretch tape brands are utilized with correct design, treatment strategy by our Physical Therapists at Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group. The following describes a study conducted to better measure the benefits of effective use of Kinesio Tape.

    Kinesio Tape Study: In a double-blind study published in March 2015, forty-six older patients with knee osteoarthritis were assigned to either a placebo group (Kinesio Tape applied without tension), or a group with Kinesio Tape applied to the quadriceps (thigh muscle group) by a Physical Therapist with correct pattern and tension. The two groups participated in Physical Therapist planned walking activities and had pre- and post- measures taken. These included pain ratings, pressure pain threshold to quadriceps and leg muscles, range of motion, and lower extremity “proprioception” (sense of joint position/balance).


    The Kinesio Tape group showed a reduction of pain during walking, and pressure pain threshold in the quadriceps (thigh muscle) and also in the tibialis anterior (lower leg, shin muscle). This correctly applied Kinesio Tape group also showed significantly improved AROM (active joint movement of knee/leg) and proprioception (position sensation and balance of the leg).

    The placebo-Kinesio Tape group did not show significant changes in pain, AROM, or proprioception.


    For knee osteoarthritis patients, these results demonstrate that Physical Therapist correctly designed/applied kinesio tape to the quadriceps muscle group effectively reduces various types of pain, and improves range of motion, and proprioception.  This finding provides additional evidence that Legacy Therapy & Wellness Physical Therapists’ use of Kinesio Tape is an effective evidence-based intervention to help rehabilitate our patients with osteoarthritis.



    Kinesio taping improves pain, range of motion, and proprioception in older patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial.

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