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  • Pediatric Physical Therapy


    Our Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group Pediatric Physical Therapists work to help children develop the independence, function, and safety to successfully participate in their environment, and with family, and friends.  We seek to explore opportunities and solutions for your child to improve their meaningful access to their community.   We also seek to explore your child’s self-awareness and gain the best understanding possible of how to help your child understand their body.  Our Pediatric Physical Therapy seeks to improve sensory input and improve processing for gains in your child’s mind/brain toward active motor control, and gains in postural abilities…therapeutic processes for an improved sense of control and function that will help your child develop and advance each year with a plan for improvement.

    Our Pediatric Physical Therapy approach is to begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your child to include:  Posture, Range of Motion, Neurological tone/function – brain and peripheral systems, sensory functions, gross motor development, motor and movement pattern, identification of compensatory movement patterns, and child/parent knowledge and home management/movement training skills, routine, and system of measurement.  Assessment is conducted of braces, orthotics, wheelchairs, assistive devices, stands and more.  We work closely with local Orthotists to identify the best and most advanced types of orthotic and assistive devices.  Pediatric physical therapy promotes normal movement and postural/motor development, strength, improved range of motion, improved balance, and functional independence at the highest level possible. Our goal is to align our efforts with yours, the physician(s), other healthcare providers, and family – all to make the most of each child’s abilities for improved learning, family and school functioning, mobility, community access, and living.

    Because of our passion and meaningful success with improving movement and function in all ages – from infant to toddler to youth, to adult, our physical therapists serve pediatric patients with all types of movement impairment, neurological, developmental, orthopedic, and genetic conditions. Primary diagnoses and treatments include the following:

    • Gross Motor Development
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Prematurity
    • Toe walkers
    • Abnormal tone
    • Genetic syndromes
    • Visual Impairment
    • Torticollis
    • CP
    • Brachial Plexus Injuries
    • Sports Medicine and orthopedics
    • Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)
    • Splinting/Orthotics P.T. and coordination with local Orthotist
    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Wheelchair Positioning and Mobility
    • Motor Learning
    • Motor Control
    • Pre-gait and Gait Training