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  • Orthopedic and Post Surgical Physical Therapy

    Orthopedic and Post Surgical Physical Therapy is designed to help people of all ages who have a range of ailments or dysfunction with their joints, muscles or bones. At Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, our  Physical Therapists include these advanced Physical Therapist certifications: the Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, the Certified Hand Therapist, and the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certifications.   

    Our Therapists are experts in the diagnoses, physical therapy management, and prevention of orthopedic injuries or dysfunctions. We are highly skilled at assessing proper movement and can help you move better, often without pain through our manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and patient education. Our physical therapists treat both non-surgical conditions and post-operative orthopedic conditions.   This includes orthopedic and arthritis problems of knee, shoulder, the foot and ankle, as well as the hip, to the joints of the arm: hand and wrist, and elbow. We also offer highly skilled manual therapy and postural, movement re-training physical therapy for spine conditions and surgery.  

    Some of the more common orthopedic, sports, and musculoskeletal conditions treated: 

    • Rotator cuff tendonitis 
    • Patellofemoral disorders 
    • Shoulder/Rotator cuff surgery 
    • Ankle sprains/tendonitis 
    • Osteoarthritis 
    • ACL/Knee Surgery 
    • Total joint replacements:  knee, shoulder, hip 
    • Tennis/golfer’s elbow 
    • Cervical strain 
    • Hip pain, tendonitis, bursitis 
    • Low back pain 
    • Degenerative disk disease 
    • Plantar fasciitis 
    • Achilles/foot tendonitis 
    • Localized muscle strains 
    • Surgical and non-surgical ligament sprains, tendon ruptures and fractures 
    • And many more  

    Legacy Therapy professionals are committed to giving you excellent care and service throughout your entire experience with us. Our expert approach includes treating your involved joint or injury while addressing any whole person movement or postural imbalances that can help prevent future injuries while enhancing overall fitness and athletic performance. 

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