• Kinesio Taping Dothan, AL

  • Kinesio Taping

    Legacy Therapy & Wellness  therapists and clinicians have been utilizing advanced methods of  Kinesio Taping and other brands of sports, physical therapy, medical taping for over 10 years.  Our Legacy therapists use Kinesio Taping methods and other taping techniques applied over muscles to help:  normalize tone, reduce protective spasm and associated pain, facilitate muscle recruitment to weak or “inhibited muscles”,  and conform well to each patient’s muscle/joint anatomy when braces may not perform as well.  Because Kinesio Tape is a non-restrictive, highly elastic type of tape, it allows for full range of motion and function, unlike traditional sports tape.  It provides stabilization and support during not only sporting events but during daily activity also. Kinesio Tape is a multifaceted technique that can be used for many conditions.  Physical Therapist-designed purposes and methods are indicated, however, as improper use or tension of this type of tape has led to injury, skin blisters, and other health conditions.

    A Longer Lasting Effect

    Kinesio Tape is a “light modality”.  In rehabilitative applications, it works continuously and can provide an additional 2-3 day relief after therapy. Kinesio Tape does not mask symptoms but instead promotes healing in a variety of ways. Because your Physical Therapist can not provide treatment and a hands-on approach to you at all times, Kinesio Taping is like having healing hands to put on the injured area 24-7.

    Benefits of Kinesio & Therapy/Neuro- Taping

    • Relieve protective muscle tone
    • Promote circulation and healing
    • Reduce pain
    • Improve muscle recruitment and muscle function
    • Re-educate neuromuscular system
    • Provide support to a joint
    • Prevent injury
    • Neuro:  reduce abnormal tone; facilitate targeted muscle