• Insurance and Payment

  • Insurance & Networks:


    Legacy Therapy and Wellness Group participates in many insurance plans and will file for reimbursement.   It is your responsibility to know the details of your health insurance plan with regard to referrals, deductibles, percentages, and annual limits to benefits.   As a courtesy, we can assist you in verifying your benefits.   We require your co-payment at the time of your visit and accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Legacy Therapy is always expanding our participation with insurance companies so we can better serve you.  If your plan is not established with us, please notify Dana at 334 699-2348, or dmedley@ttwgi.com. 

    Preferred Provider Network Physical Therapists, all locations:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
    • Blue Advantage
    • TriCare
    • Veterans Administration/Veterans Affairs Network
    • Many Workers’ Compensation Provider Networks


    Approved Physical Therapist Provider Network, all locations:

    • Medicare
    • Alabama – Medicaid for EPSDT Referral, (all locations)
    • Alabama Medicaid- Adult (Ozark, Therapy-Plus only)


    We accept many insurance plans as your policy benefits apply, including commercial insurance, labor union plans, professional networks/plans, auto insurance, workers’ compensation plans.  Check with our registration staff regarding your specific policy benefits.


    Direct Access P.T.:  Alabama is a "Direct Access" State for Physical Therapy Services.  Direct access to Physical Therapy is your opportunity to be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physical Therapist without having to see your physician for a prescription or referral first!  For Medicare, and many insurance carriers, this does not affect P.T. benefits.  However, some insurance carriers still require a physician referral prior to the first P.T. appointment.  If you are not sure, please speak with our local office receptionist or Dothan office benefits specialist.   Regardless of whether you see your physician first or the P.T. first, our Physical Therapists always coordinate care with your current physician, providing your physician specialist and your family physician with our Physical Therapy Plan of Care.  We work as a team with you, your physician(s), family members and even fitness center staff to help you get moving and stay healthy!