• Dry Needling Reduces CVA (Stroke) Hemiparetic Shoulder Pain

  • This study was of 101 stroke patients who had significant shoulder pain on their hemiparetic side. The patients were randomly assigned to either a group of Dry Needling in addition to Physical Therapy, or a Control group of standard Physical Therapy.

    A selected Visual Analog Pain scale was used serially to assess pain through rehab sessions, and after the rehab program. A self-report questionnaire was used to assess sitting postural tolerance in a wheelchair as well as to assess sleep quality. The sleep quality included if shoulder pain interfered with their sleep. For mobility, a standardized Rivermead Index tool was used on admission and at discharge.


    The Dry Needling patient group reported significantly less pain during their rehab sessions and during sleep. The Dry Needling group had a significant reduction in both the frequency of pain, and the intensity of pain during daytime activities as well as during active rehab exercises. In addition, a statistically significant correlation was found between shoulder pain reduction and mobility gains for the Dry Needling.

    The researchers stated the Dry Needling intervention “reduced the use of analgesic medications, restored more normal sleep patterns, and increased compliance with the rehabilitation program”.

    Functional Dry Needling® is provided at all Legacy Therapy and Wellness locations, and available for CVA (Stroke) patients who have hemiparetic shoulder pain, or other areas of myofascial trigger point related pain.

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