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  • Certified Hand Therapy


    Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group provides Certified Hand Therapy (CHT) by Danny Peters, PT, CHT, who offers extensive experience in treating repetitive strain/industrial injuries, arthritic hands, orthopedic hand/wrist conditions, and providing evidence-based post-operative hand/wrist hand therapy. We offer the Certified Hand Therapy expertise needed in maximizing the return of motion and function while protecting any newly repaired structures.  We offer customized static and dynamic hand splint fabrication to meet all post hand/wrist surgery, reconstructive/plastic hand surgery, and post trauma hand therapy—including post-operative upper extremity wound care. 

    Hand therapy includes:  splinting, post-operative precaution/protective period management and patient education, therapeutic procedures, modalities, patient movement retraining, tendon function restoration, and hand/joint protection training for ADLs/daily living, and for work or sports.

    Common conditions seen by Certified Hand Therapy:

    • Carpal tunnel release
    • Fractures and trauma of wrist/hand, fingers
    • Tendon rupture, tendon injuries, and post-operative hand/wrist tendon repairs
    • Joint replacement of thumb/hand joints
    • Non-surgical hand, wrist, finger arthritis
    • Nerve entrapment conditions of upper extremity or hand
    • Certified Hand Therapy for Hand/Wrist Rehabilitation - post trauma/post-surgical

    We accept referrals for Certified Hand Therapy from hand surgeons and orthopedic/plastic surgeons who are local, as well as from specialist practices in Birmingham, Columbus, Gulf Breeze, Atlanta, and Jacksonville.  This program works closely with the California Pacific Microsurgery Department, as well as many hand surgeons in the area.