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    Movement-based solutions to get you Moving, Walking, successful with Challenges, and Living! 

    “Legacy” – Something a person has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die.

    Who and what are we living and working for during our life?  Our “legacy” is what we leave behind for those we love and support.  This view of “legacy” is not that of wealth or a monetary gift concept, but the gift of memories shared, and the examples of love, family, friendship, and service to others.   How well we achieve our “legacy” for others is directly related to our dedication to personal health, our physical mobility and muscle function, our internal and spiritual strength, our work, our ability to team with others, and our ability to meet life’s challenges.  This "Legacy" view is the basis of our practice with each person we serve.

    At Legacy Therapy & Wellness Group, our overall mission is to help you move and function better – to help you build your legacy.  You receive benefits in areas of efficient functional movement, future serious injury/disease prevention, active aging ability, and whole person health.  You will have opportunity to improve your posture, movement, strength and gait patterns, and to improve the ability to meet challenges important to you, your family, and your legacy.  Once your physical therapy goals are met, we will help you establish a research-based wellness and fitness plan that meets your goals, your personal physician’s medical goals, and helps keep you on track year after year!


    Our Mission:

    Helping people to achieve their optimal movement, function, and well-being, and to improve their ability to meet life's challenges-- while serving God through personalized and compassionate Physical Therapy and Wellness care.


  • Late appointments may be arranged upon special request to your Physical Therapist.